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    A Look Into the Life of Theo Walcott!

    The Beginning


    Theo Walcott is a 25 year-old, English professional Football player who currently runs the wing for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Born in Stanmore, raised in Compton, Berkshire, Walcott took to the game at a very young age. He attended the Downs School in Berkshire and played for his village team before playing for A.F.C. Newbury for a season. In his one season with A.F.C. Newbury, Walcott scored over 100 goals. After rejecting an offer from Chelsea FC’s Academy, Walcott decided to play his football in the Southampton Academy. In the 2005-2006 season, Walcott would become the youngest player in Southampton’s history to play with the squad’s first team at age 16 years and 143 days when he came on as a substitute versus Wolverhampton.

    The Gunners


    In 2006, Arsenal bought the services of Walcott for $5 Million Pounds and he has been with the Gunners ever sense. After some contractual compromises, Walcott signed a pre-contract agreement with Gunners on 16 March 2006, his 17th birthday.

    The 2006-2007 season saw Theo’s Premier League debut when he came on as a substitute on 19 August 2006, opening day of the season against Aston Villa. He notched is first career assist when he set up Gilberto Silva for a goal. Since coming into the Premier League with Arsenal, he has scored 72 goals and is continuing his strong play for the Gunner’s.

    Team England


    In 2006, Walcott became the youngest English footballer ever to be named to the World Cup Roster at 17 years old. He made is English first team debut in a friendly against Hungary on 30 May 2006. He did not play in the 2006 World Cup. The manager at the time, Sven-Goran Erikkson stepped down after the 06′ WC and his replacement Steve McClaren sent Theo down to the U21 squad where he would become the youngest U21 to ever score.

    When it came time for the 2010 WC, Walcott started numerous friendlies and qualifying matches before it was announced on 1 June 2010 that Fabio Capello had left him off the final roster. After England’s exit, Lionel Messi publicly displayed his disagreement with decision. At this point in Theo’s career, he scored 5 goals in 36 international appearances.

    Awards and Personal Life


    In 2006, Walcott was awarded the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year Award, an honor given to the person who made the best contribution that year for their respective sport. When Walcott was just 14, he signed an endorsement deal with Nike and has appeared in numerous ads for them sense. He was married to longtime Girlfriend, Melanie Slade in 2013 and their son was born April 2014.


    Untold Secrets Of Professional Soccer Life

    Any hopeful looking to pursue a professional soccer career is often eager to get drafted. It’s unfortunate that everything isn’t as it seems. Soccer players in the pro league undergo aggressive training and rarely get family time. It’s a time-sensitive career. Yes, it does extend a life of luxury, the latest sports cars, high-paid salary and the of best party life. Some players describe the sport as a duty. Seasoned players in the pro-soccer league are the least enthusiastic about serving a long career. Popular news magazines online have remarked on interviews of soccer players, and many pro athletes agree; that a long life-of-sports takes away from life.

    Training is a routine for every pro-soccer star, even if he or she assumes a role in the reserve-league. In a daily soccer-training program, athletes generally start off the day with a healthy breakfast. Then, they’ll undergo a brief warm-up session to stretch the muscles before training. Preseason sessions include tougher training exercises to keep athletes active and in the best shape. For many, training is stressful and time-demanding. The training exercises aren’t the same for all soccer players. Attackers and defenders engage in a full itinerary of activities during training.

    Pro-league soccer players have a duty to conduct themselves professionally in every scenario. It’s a necessary measure to keep their integrity intact. Startup players usually face a tough time entering the pro-league. It won’t be as stressful when they become a seasoned player. It’s a mighty struggle for pro-league stars playing for two or more teams. The journey is overwhelming and players are encouraged to give outstanding performance regardless of their association with multiple teams. Every day, players adapt new skills to maximize their potential. A captain’s role is extremely strenuous and stressful in a sense.

    With leagues to attend at different locations around the world and locally, time isn’t enough. It’s a sport that requires dedication and passion. A successful career in pro-league soccer doesn’t come without sweat and tears. PTO (personal-time-off) isn’t a luxury extended to all pro-league soccer stars. With long days of training and league playoffs fast approaching, it’s impossible to enjoy time-off.

    Most players take a beating to reach success. Sometimes words aren’t enough to describe their struggles in keeping a competitive edge. The wears-and-tears the body endure is beyond recovery. Even with a dedicated therapist working around-the-clock, it needs time to heal, which the sport doesn’t allow. Besides, a serious injury to an essential body part can separate a player and the sport forever. That said, players have to exercise extreme care to avoid dangerous injuries. It’s entertaining to see fans appreciate a player for his or her talent, but it has a dark side too. The lack of privacy is a problem for many pro-league stars since everything goes viral these days.